Tangle-resistant noise-isolating stereo earphones.

Enjoy your music with the fresh sound of Peppermint™. These in-ear stereo earphones provide a comfortable fit while delivering superb audio quality for a clear and rich sound experience. Designed with a flat, tangle-resistant cable, Peppermint™ is a great pair of on-the-go earphones that won't tangle up in your pocket, backpack or purse.

Noise Isolation

Peppermint™ uses an in-ear design that not only provides a comfortable fit, but also reduces ambient noise from your surroundings so you hear only what you want to hear: your music.

Tangle-Free Cable

Spend less time unraveling your earphones and more time enjoying your music. Peppermint™ features a flat cable that makes it highly resistant to tangling.

Compatible with Apple® and Android™

Have an Apple phone but an Android tablet? Or vice-versa? Peppermint™ is fully compatible with both Apple and Android so you don’t need to switch between different earphones for your devices. Just plug in and start listening.


-Comfortable in-ear design isolates outside noise
-High-performance speakers for extended frequency range and lower distortion
-Flat, tangle-resistant cable
-3.5mm audio plug
What is included
Silicone ear tips (small, medium, large)