Glare Free Protective Film
Anti glare film for iPhone 7

Protect the screen of your iPhone 7 with a glare-free film that not only keeps it free of unsightly scratches and smudges, but allows you to comfortably use your phone in highly-lit areas. Kit includes two films, a squeegee and a cleaning cloth.

Prevent Screen Glare

Brightly lit areas and direct sunlight can make it difficult to see the contents of your screen, but this protective film can handily solve that problem. The glare-free protective film was specifically formulated to prevent unwanted glare on the screen of your iPhone 7. Use your phone under bright lights or outdoors without straining your eyes.

Four-Layer Construction

The glare-free protective film not only prevents glare, but also protects your screen from nicks, scratches, dirt and dust. The film features a four-layer construction made of a scratch-resistant protective film, a hard coating treatment, a PET protection film and a silicone polymer adhesive.

Prevent Fingerprints and Smudges

With the glare-free protective film you can keep the screen of your iPhone 7 looking fresh and clean. The film’s multiple layer construction helps keep your screen free of fingerprints and smudges. Use your phone as much as you want without dirtying the screen.

Removal Does Not Damage Screen

In the event that you need to remove the protective film, you can rest assured knowing that removing the film will not damage your screen. While the film adheres to the iPhone 7 screen securely, it can be taken off safely without harming your phone.

- Specifically formulated to to prevent unwanted glare on your screen
- 4-layer construction consists of a scratch resistant protective film, a hard coating treatment, PET  protection film and a newly developed silicone polymer adhesive
- Protects your screen from scratches, dirt and dust
- Prevents fingerprints and smudges
- Will not damage your screen when removed