FitActive Run
Secure fit high fidelity stereo sports earphones with mic and remote.

Let your music move you wherever you go with FitActive® Run. This pair of stereo earphones features an ergonomic design so that they not only feel comfortable, but also stay in your ears no matter what you’re doing. The secure fit makes these earphones ideal for athletes and others who lead an active lifestyle. FitActive® Run delivers high fidelity sound that remains clear even at higher volumes. A convenient built-in mic and remote make it easy to answer calls and control your music while you’re on the move.

Earphones That Stay In Your Ears

Stay focused and get the most out of your next workout with the music you need. FitActive® Run features an ergonomic design with an in-ear brace so that they’re not only comfortable, but also stay securely in your ears as well. Keep enjoying your favorite songs no matter how hard you push yourself.

Answer Calls and Change Tracks Easily

Your music keeps you moving and with FitActive® Run, you never have to break stride. The built-in mic and remote allow you to easily change tracks: click once to play or pause and double click to skip to the next track. If you have an incoming call, you can click the remote to answer the call and hold a hands-free conversation.

Compatible with Apple and Android

Have an Apple phone but an Android tablet? Or vice-versa? FitActive® Run is fully compatible with both Apple and Android so you don’t need to switch between different earphones for your devices. Just plug in and start listening.

Outstanding Stereo Sound

Get pumped to your favorite workout tunes with FitActive® Run. These earphones feature high fidelity stereo sound and superior performance so you can enjoy music no matter what you’re doing. The clear, rich sound of FitActive® Run will keep you moving.


-Ergonomic earbud design provides comfortable fit
-In-ear brace prevents earphones from falling out
-Built-in microphone and remote for easy hands-free calling and music playback control
-High fidelity stereo sound
-Comes with small and medium ear tips for a customized fit

What is included

2 silicone ear tips